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OSH Circular 2015-03 (3 Point Belt Use in Toploader Tipover)

OSH Circular 2015-03 - Cinturón de Seguridad (Spanish)


It's time to dissolve the bi-state Waterfront Commission


The Quarterly Safety Bulletin of the ILA: BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!


ILA Shows Strong participation at ITF 43rd Congress


Clyde Fitzgerald Reelected President, South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District; Savannah's Willie J. Seymore Earns Executive Vice President Spot


Veteran's Fair

Port Jobs for Veteran's Job Fair


Veteran's Fair

Veteran's Job Fair

Wednesday May 28th, 2014

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Golf Outing


ILA Blasts Port Authority of New York and New Jersey As "Lap Dog" For Waterfront Commission & Also For Interfering With ILA-NYSA Collective Bargaining Agreement


Longshoremen Implore Waterfront Commission to Hire


Ken Riley

(NYTimes) Big Unions Must Make Big Investments


ILA-USMX Joint Resolution On Port Safety & Health


ILA members attending the AFL-CIO King Day Conference in San Antonio, TX
Giving a day of service at the San Antonio Food Bank.


ILA President Harold Daggett Appointed To International Affairs and Legislative/Policy Committees At AFL-CIO


Clarence Pittman

ILA Statement on the passing of Clarence Pittman, Jr., President, ILA Local 1416 and District Vice President, South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District, ILA

Funeral Services Will be Thursday, Dec. 19th In Miami Following Two Days of Viewing

Nelson Mandela

ILA's and Its Civil Rights Committees Will Honor Nelson Mandel's Life By Continuing The Legacy of His Work For Freedom and Justice For All


ILA Saddened By Death of Beloved International Vice President Richard "Dick" Gabel


Funeral Arrangements for Former ILA President Richard P. Hughes


Richard Hughes

Condolence Message from Paddy Crumlin re. Richie Hughes


Richard Hughes

Richard P. Hughes, Jr., ILA President from 2007 until 2011, Passes Away Today (September 11th) in Baltimore, Maryland; Funeral Arrangements Are Pending

AFL-CIO Leaders Express Strong Support of ILA and Pledges More Help in Future; ILA Will Remain With AFL-CIO and President Harold Daggett Joins Executive Council


ILA Declares Solidarity With Port Drivers In Port of New York and New Jersey


ILA's Harold Daggett Calls Meeting of ILA Members from Port of Hampton Roads for Monday, August 19th at 7:30 p.m. at Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel;

ILA Leadership to Be Present To Discuss Local Bargaining

ILA and USMX Clarify ILA Jurisdiction Over Plugging and Unplugging of Reefer Containers Aboard Vessels


ILA Ends Its Affiliation with AFL-CIO's Maritime Trades Department and Joins with Five Other Maritime Unions To Form Maritime Labor Alliance


International Longshoremen's Association, AFL-CIO Expresses Strong Support for Brazilian Union Dock Workers Fighting Outsourcing of Jobs


2013 Teddy Gleason Scholarship winners announced


John Mahoney

ILA Mourns Loss of its member John Mahoney of Local 1242;
Killed June 11th on the Beckett Street Pier In Camden, NJ

ILA President Harold J. Daggett Applauds Decision in Oregon Returning Work to ILWU


ILA Local 1804-1 and 1814 Metro Members Overwhelmingly Ratify New 6-Year Contract

Statement of Harold Daggett, International President, International Longshoremen's Association, AFL-CIO on Labor Peace

International Dockworkers Council

Congratulations from the IDC

USMX Ratifies New Six Year Master Contract

ILA Joins In Support of Hong Kong Striking Dockers;
Condemns Employers For Intimidating Workers

President Harold J. Daggett letter to ILA Members in the Port of New York/New Jersey

Proposed NYSA-ILA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Click to read letter.

Increases in Wages, Protection of Container Royalty and Jurisdiction And Strong National Health Care Plan (MILA) Among Reasons ILA Wage Scale Committee and President Harold Daggett Urging Ratification of New Master Contract On April 9th

Looking Beyond New Contract, ILA President Harold Daggett Plans Aggressive Program For "New ILA" Though An ILA Steering Committee

USMX and the ILA have agreed to extend the March 1st deadline for completion of local negotiations to March 8, 2013, to coincide with the Wage Scale Meetings scheduled for the week of March 11th.

USMX, ILA move closer to final approval of master contract
Vote by ILA's Wage Scale Committee Sends Agreement to Members for Ratification

ILA and USMX Agree to 6-Year Contract; Union To Set Date For Ratification

February 13, 2013
Summary of Master Contract
ILA Releases Details of the Master Contract, subject to the drafting of final contract language and acceptance by the ILA membership

February 8, 2013 -ILA Calls For Full Wage Scale Meetings in Tampa, Florida March 12-14, 2013.

Local Agreements in New York/New Jersey and Elsewhere Next Big Hurdle To Achieve Successful Contract Agreement With ILA Employers; Master and Local Contract Also Must Be Ratified By ILA Workers

Update on United States Maritime Alliance And International Longshoremen's Association Labor Negotiations

ILA and USMX Reach "Positive" Agreement On Container Royalty that Allows Negotiations to Continue Through February 6, 2013: Year-End Strike Averted

Union Plus Credit Card

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The International Longshoremen's Association, AFL-CIO is the largest union of maritime workers in North America, representing upwards of 65,000 longshoremen on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, Great Lakes, major U.S. rivers, Puerto Rico and Eastern Canada.

Organized in 1892 along the U.S. Great Lakes, the ILA is affiliated with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations; the Canadian Labour Congress and the world-wide International Transport Workers' Federation.

Additionally, the International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots; the United Marine Division Tugboat Workers and the New York State Supreme Court Officers are affiliated with the ILA.

Letters from Harold Daggett Regarding General Election

Get Out the Vote!      The Importance of Your Vote

LMRDA Bill of Rights

Notice to All Employees and Members