Civil Rights

June 28, 2016

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

As you know, this year’s Presidential Election is the most important election in many years for the values of the working class in this country.

The ILA Civil Rights Committee has sponsored three Annual Award Dinners and has initiated a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Project with the proceeds from those dinners.

The following outlines the procedure for your inclusion on this project.

1. Funding up to $500 will be made available to ILA Locals to Get Out the Vote for this important Presidential Election 2016.
2. Each local who wants to be considered must send in a written request stating an exact plan for getting out the vote in their area.
3. If their request is approved they will receive an ILA Civil Rights Committee check for an amount between $50 & $500 dollars to use in their GOTV campaign.
4. The local must return a report on how the ILA Civil Rights Committee funding was used to benefit their campaign.

The proposal can be for:

1. Postage for GOTV mailings; flyers stating when & where to vote
2. Gas for cars taking voters to the polls
3. Toward rental cars/vans for taking voters to the polls
4. Refreshments for rallies in support of GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV)

Do not let these suggestions limit your project.

If you want your local to participate in this project, create an outline including:

Local #
Project Chairman
Telephone number
Project details – timeline (when it starts – when it concludes); what will be done
An estimate of expenses
A timeline – when project is to be done

The completed proposal should be sent to:

ILA Civil Rights Committee
Attn: Gerald Owens – Dept. M
5000 West Side Avenue
North Bergen, NJ 07047

After Committee review notification of acceptance or regrets will be mailed to the address on the proposal.

If accepted an approved amount to be distribute will be included with your letter. The check will be mailed when you send in your receipts to equal the approved amount.

All completed proposals must be received by July 31, 2016.


Gerald Owens

The International Longshoremen’s Association
Alexander Talmadge-Edward L. Brown Sr.
Civil, Human & Women’s Rights Committee

Gerald Owens

Herbert Hall, Sr.
Vice Chairman

Gregory L. Washington
Recording Secretary

Mary Ann Gillespie

Committee Members

Edward L. Brown III

Yvette Flowers

Louis Gonzalez

Gerald Rodney Owens

Alan A.Robb

Wilie Seymore

The Atlantic Coast District Civil Rights Committee

William Bernard Dudley

William Ashe, Jr.

Robin Suggs
Recording Secretary

Committee Members

Joseph Carson

Lee Cole

Mary Gima

Betty Hooker

Warner Roach

Tyreke Wells

Linda Wilkins