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International Support Letters for ILA

From ILA Local 273:

Dear President Daggett:

ILA Local 273 members and their families in the Port of Saint John, NB, Canada, pledge their full support to the ILA in their contract dispute with USMX. We have been following the negotiations for a new Master Contract with great interest and fully appreciate the required stance taken by the ILA Negotiators. The United States Maritime Alliance have been filling their pockets for too long without recognizing the true contributions of all of its longshore workforce. Please keep us advised of any specific support you may require. Your fight is our fight.

In Solidarity,

Patrick T. Riley
Business Agent
Secretary Treasurer

From ILA Local 1575:

Brothers and Sisters, I want to commend the leadership for moving on these issues. We are pleased to see our union moving on two fronts, the Legislative and directly on the waterfront.

We the rank and file committee for the "protection of ILA jobs" in the port of San Juan support the struggles of our brothers and sisters of Charleston South Carolina. This is another blow to our jurisdiction. Just as we said present during the Charleston five struggles. We want you to know that we are in unity with the righteous struggles for the livelihood of the men in women in our Union in the port of Charleston.

Our hearts are with you and we will get ready to be by your side when necessary in the coming months.

Long live our union the "ILA"

Workers united can never be defeated!!

Jose L Ojeda
Member ILA local 1575