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ILA Can Relate To Threat of Outsourcing Jobs That Caused ILWU Los Angeles Strike; Outsourcing of Chassis Pools and Del Monte Situation in Philadelphia Hurt ILA; ILA Pledges Full Support To ILWU

ILA members who fought to protect chassis work when ILA employers outsourced the chassis pools to non-signatories to the ILA Master Contract last year can identify with ILWU Clerical Workers who went on strike this past Tuesday to stop international corporations from outsourcing dozens of good-paying jobs that support working families in the Los Angeles community. Likewise, ILA members in Philadelphia who suffered the loss of 200 good paying jobs several years ago when Del Monte Fresh Fruits moved their operation to a vicious anti-union company, can also relate to the ugly effects of corporate greed.

Clerical workers who are members of Local 63, IILWU began a strike on Tuesday at Pier 400 in the Port of Los Angeles to stop international corporations from outsourcing dozens of good-paying jobs that support working families in the Los Angeles community.

The 800 workers who belong to ILWU Local 63's Office Clerical Unit (63-OCU) have been trying to negotiate an agreement with big international carriers and terminal operators for more than two years, since their three-year contract expired on June 30, 2010.ILWU officers have been in frequent contact with their counterparts in the ILA updating them on the situation in Los Angeles.

Because of the three-hour time difference, Ray Familathe, the ILWU's International Vice President for the Mainland, spoke with the ILA's Atlantic Coast District President Dennis Daggett late into the evening yesterday. ACD President Daggett assured Brother Familathe that he and the ILWU had the full support of the ILA and its members.

ACD President Daggett led the fight to protect ILA chassis jobs from outsourcing and recognizes how important it is for ILWU Clerical Workers in Los Angeles to take up this important battle.

Brother Familathe was happy to report today that ILWU Local 63's picket line was deemed "bona-fide" meaning members of other ILWU Locals (13, 63 and 94) had the right to refuse to cross it.

"I'm proud of the sacrifice that is being made by the men and women of Locals 13, 63 and 94 as they stand in solidarity with OCU and against the outsourcing of the good jobs that this community needs. And, despite the Employers' propaganda to the contrary, the Port is still moving cargo."

Joe Cortez, President of ILWU Local 13, said, "We support our sister local as its members work to reach a good contract that maintains local jobs with good working conditions, and family wages and benefits. We urge the employers to get back to the negotiating table and reach a good contract with the OCU."

Ray Ortiz, Jr., an ILWU Coast Committeeman who represents all 30 longshore local unions on the West Coast, said, "Longshoremen stand up when other workers need our help. Sure it's sacrifice to give up a paycheck when you refuse to cross the picket, but we believe it's in the long-term interest of the Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbor area to retain these good local jobs. By standing with OCU, we stand with the community."

"We stand in full support of the ILWU, including those locals that are honoring the picket line of Local 63," said Dennis Daggett. "On behalf of International President Harold J. Daggett and our entire membership, we will continue to express our strongest solidarity with the ILWU and do whatever we can to help them retain good paying jobs and fight outsourcing."